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  • WIth expertise of cargo consolidators along with support from our overseas agents, BNX can handle and process all small to over-sized heavy cargos at out own warehouse.
  • BNX offers a large range of international freight forwarding services from/to various ports and airports of the United States, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Central/South America.
  • BNX works with importers to determine the most efficient mode of transportation for all cargos from their point of origin to their final destination. To satisfy our customers' needs, BNX will coordinate their cargo' s shipping processes with their overseas offices to track the latest status of their shipments.
  • BNX maintains constant and expeditious exchange of information with our customers via faxes and/or e-mail. With our existing yearly Service Contract with Hanjin Shipping, Hyundai Merchant, Zim, P & O, COSCO, and SeaLand Lines, BNX performs a wide variety of comprehensive international transportation services.
  • BNX also offers the following range of Global Logistic Service "connecting" countries through our network system: