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Interstate Trucking

A remarkable growth has been achieved not only in our sales revenue but also in our ability to tailor

services to the needs of our customers. Through its staff members who are trained and experienced professionals, BNX can provide the following services:


  • A) Terminals at all locations are providing Break Bulk, Receiving, Assembly, Build Up, Distribution and Storage
  • B) Daily service for all your containerized and LTL cargo between all points
  • C) Full Truckload Service is available to any U.S. destination
  • D) Computerized booking and tracking system allows up to the minute information
  • All rates are door-to-door to areas A, B and C of the ACI Guide.
  • Beyond pickup/delivery is a minimum of $15.00 or $.10 per pound whichever is greater.

Shipments that require Overnight Service to points not shown in the AGS-BNX Service Guide will be delivered on the Second Business Day. If Overnight Expedited Service is available, an additional charge would apply based on mileage from airport and required air upgrade service requested.