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Banking Documentation

  • BNX has organized with experienced staff members equipped with sophisticated, computerized systems that allows BNX to provide our customers with the most effective and speedy banking documentationservice at the most competitive costs.
    With the continued support and cooperation by the International BusinessDepartment of the major banks in the United States, we are confident that we can provide the service with 5 to 7 days Wire Transfer or Overnight Cashier's Check services. We would like to offer the service to all of our customers.
  1. When BNX received the Orig. L/C from the shipper, BNX will make proper banking documents based upon the L/C provided by shipper on the same day.
  2. BNX will send all relevant documents to designated bank by overnight mail.
  3. BNX will send one copy of relevant documents to the shipper.
  4. Bank will send either cashier's check via mail or direct wire transfer to shipper's bank within 3 to 5 days after review of the banking documents.
  5. Upon getting confirmation from bank, BNX will notify shipper accordingly.