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  • BNX is unique as a freight forwarder because its dedication and flexibility of service made it possible to handle export and import cargo regardless of the time of day.
    As part of continual growth, BNX Branch offices located in the major cities in the United States, have their own warehouse facilities and are fully capable of custom crating, packing, and storage services at the most efficient and competitive costs.
    We at BNX can assure you of on-site dedicated management as well as an understanding of your requirements and objectives which are so important in your business.
Wood Packing:
Commercial Packing, Household Goods, Heavy/Oversize Equipment
Storage :
Easy In & Out.
Trans-loading :
Experienced Blocking/ Bracing, Container, Bulk Cargo, Automobile Warehousing Conditions
Payment Terms
Payment of (BNX) invoices for services rendered to be made on a timely net basis, which is within 30 days from the date of invoice. BNX reserves the right to refuse or discontinue it's services until accounts are brought current. All outstanding balances for which payment are not received within 30 days are subject to a 1.5% interest charge per month & collection charges.
For services covered by the rates, the liability of BNX is limited to $0.12 per pound (Max. Liability of $500.00) per shipment, whichever is less, unless greater value has been declared and charged and paid for such value.
Claimants must submit all claims for loss or damage to BNX in writing within 90 days from release of the cargo by BNX. BNX will not be responsible for any loss or damage unless such claim is received by BNX within 90 days from the release of the cargo by BNX.